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Paw Grading Program®

The introduction of a new ‘Paw Grading Program®  will see a quick reference guide for the services and facilities provided by our venues.


Registered venues

All the venues that featured on the dog friendly map, will receive their DFNI certificate and window sticker.  If you missed out on the map, then you can still get registered.  Scroll to the bottom and get more details

we are a nation of dog lovers

Dogs rock

Dogs are a source of companionship for many.  There is proven evidence that stroking a dog not only lowers blood pressure but also helps to reduce anxiety – how wonderful!

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are you dog ready?

Any business can welcome dogs

Do you have customers that already bring a dog?  Then why not let others know about it and make your business dog friendly?

Dog ownership

Dog ownership has increased in the last few years with approx. 40% of N.Ireland households owning a dog.   That’s a lot of dogs that need exercised, fed and watered in dog friendly businesses.

Dog ownership

Pet products

There has been a substantial increase in the volume and spend in pet products, with the majority of households classifying their pet as a member of the family.  More and more, as we do our weekly shop we are looking at the various dog foods and treats available.  Whether they are organic, grain free, vegetarian we as dog owners are buying them. By 2023 there will be an increase of 25% in consumer spend!

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Pet Holidays

Increasingly more dog owners and families are choosing to opt for ‘staycations’ within the UK and Ireland in order to bring their dog along too.  It makes sense if you are planning a beach or country  retreat that fido comes too – and the stats are testament to this growing trend.   With this increase in consumer demand, so increases the expectation on businesses to fully cater for their pooch – and so the Paw Grading Programme© has been introduced.

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What Our Clients Say

Since creating the dog friendly map, the service offering to clients has increased to represent the volume of dog friendly businesses across the country.

“Jo was able to pull together various businesses to create a promotional competition from the Dog Friendly NI Business Network.   Her knowledge , experience and contact base is wide and varied combined with a very quick turnaround and successful campaign. Being part of Dog Friendly NI has really helped to raise awareness of our fantastic dog parks and doggy daycare.

Paul Pritchard
Managing Director – dog days ni

“We needed advice and guidance on our dog policy, and following information provided by Jo, we were able to turn a negative situation into a positive one, to meet all our customers needs”

Phil Patterson
Stokers Halt
Are you ready to welcome dogs?

Dog Friendly venues are more than just a bowl of water and a seat outside.

Several years ago arriving at a venue to find a steel water bowl with a few dirt flakes floating in it would have been all dog owners could expect.  Thankfully, we have moved on and businesses embracing a dog friendly policy have experienced a wealth of benefits.

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Are you ready to be a Dog Friendly Business?

If you are considering opening your doors to our four legged friends, then you will have several considerations but also many rewards. Dog owners are enjoying bringing their dogs into a venue for a drink or cup of coffee, plus water and a treat for their pet –  after a walk.  Provided you comply with Environmental Health regulations regarding food preparation areas, then you can be part of this lucrative and growing market.

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The Team at DFNI

As creators of the 1st Dog Friendly Map of Northern Ireland, and a passion for creating a society that welcomes our beloved dogs, both Jo and Heidi have a wealth of career experiences which have led to the development of a Dog Friendly support program for business.

Jo Crossley


Jo has had a management career in the Hospitality industry, including roles as Director of Sales & Marketing and Events Manager for leading hotel companies. Jo along with her dog Georgie the Lhasa Apso, created the 1st Dog Friendly Food Tours in the UK & Ireland.  Jo has a passion for Northern Ireland,  in particular the North Coast and local food and drink and helping to develop small businesses.

Heidi McAlpin


Heidi has a career in media and journalism, and is Managing Editor of Belfast In Your Pocket guides.  Another passionate supporter of Northern Ireland, Heidi and her family welcomed Minnie the Dachshund in 2017.  Along with her kids, Heidi now looks for family and dog friendly activities for everyone to enjoy.

Latest News

Dog Friendly NI is registering new dog friendly businesses who wish to be promoted as welcoming dogs inside their premises.  An introductory rate of £29 per annum is valid until June 2019, thereafter it will be £49 per annum to retain your listing.  We have some superb listings on the new interactive map, and more business owners are seeing the rewards of providing a dog friendly service.  Approximately 40% of households in Northern Ireland own a dog.  That’s an awful lot of people to welcome to your business.  To find out more about registration click the registration link. 

Register…your interest as a Dog Friendly Business

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Dog Friendly NI is based in Northern Ireland.  Contact us on mobile: 07400 094252 and email: